Final Renovation

Flip #4 Before and Afters: Renovation Complete!

Renovation Complete!

I sure hope you have been reading along and seeing all of the renovated rooms in Flip #4! We completed this house in just under 100 days! Not bad for having 4 kids and being in my third trimester with twins! πŸ™‚ If you have missed any of the previous posts, you should go back to read them. The work it took to get to the finish line was quite intense in some of these rooms!


The kitchen was so dark, dingy, and stuck in the 1960’s….as was most of the house. The dark, fake beams, patterned linoleum, bright orange countertops, and dark cabinets were just a few of the things that needed to go in this kitchen. The strangest thing by far….being able to walk into the pantry which led into a closet and ending in the master bedroom! The kids thought it was a fun secret passage, but we built a wall separating the pantry from the closet. πŸ˜‰

Here are a couple of the before and after pictures:

Head to the post here to see the full details of what went into this renovation.


Oh the bathroom blunders series! This was one of theΒ worst bathrooms we have ever had to tackle. It wasn’t that it was dirty by any means, but it was so unusable for any potential buyer. There was not really a shower, it was covered in paneling (not so water proof for a bathroom) and it lacked any sort of personality. The curtains in there looked sad and droopy which I felt described the space perfectly. We spent so much time making over this bathroom–it was the last room that we finished, just one day before I had our twins.

Here are some of the before and after pictures:

To truly appreciate the work that it took to renovate this bathroom, you must read the ‘Bathroom Blunders’ series found here, here, and here.


The ‘uniquely unique’ bedrooms all had their own challenges. Bedrooms really are not that difficult since it is usually all cosmetic work–flooring, paint, trim, and maybe a new light fixture. Well, add a million layers of wallpaper to remove and inches of flooring to rip up. For a ‘simple’ room, these took a bit longer than normal.

Before and After Pics:


Bedroom #2 ‘The Dungeon’

Bedroom #3: Upstairs 70’s Shag

To read through the progress of how these bedrooms were renovated to look like this, view the previous posts here, here, and here.

Stairs & Upstairs

The super scary seventies shag stairs! This carpet was so dusty, I was scared to think what was all living in it! All the paneling wasn’t a great selling point either. Turns out, when we took the paneling off, there were not even real walls upstairs. The paneling was affixed to 1/4 cardboard type material. UGH!

The stairs and landing area turned out super cute, but again, took a lot of elbow grease to get it looking that way!

Here are those before and after pics:

SO MUCH went into this upstairs renovation. We uncovered treasures in between walls, found a new door way, uncovered the glass windowed doors…..if you did not read the series of ‘Severe Seventies Shag’, you have to check it out! Visit each post here, here, and here!


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