Bathroom Blunder Reveal!!

The post you have all been waiting for!!!! The bathroom reveal!!

In Review:

If you did not read the previous two posts in this ‘Bathroom Blunder’ series, you have to go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 to truly appreciate the drastic change this bathroom underwent! As I mentioned in the previous post, this bathroom literally haunted us. So much thought, discussion, and sweat went into it. Finishing this bathroom came down to the wire. We finished doing the last of the shower grout the day before I had our twins– I was over 38 weeks and so swollen with fluid, but we got it done!

How We Did It:

Here is the ‘short list’ of everything that we did to transform this bathroom:

  • Replaced toilet and vanity
  • Exposed and refinished the original wood floors
  • Took down the drop ceiling and patched original
  • Took out all paneling and scraped/sanded the glue off
  • Updated all the plumbing to meet current code
  • Installed wainscoting
  • Had window switched out for a glass block window
  • Painted ceiling, walls, and door
  • Removed all walls in the shower area
  • Removed outlet by shower and had all electrical grounded
  • Had the two fixtures wired up to one
  • Patched and painted the walls
  • Put up glass tile back splash behind vanity
  • Installed cement board and water proofing in the shower
  • Subway tiled entire shower to the ceiling

I am sure I missed a few things, but you get the idea….this bathroom was A LOT of work!!

Here is another reminder of what the bathroom looked like before we started:

AND…. this is how it turned out!!

Bathroom Reveal!

These pictures definitely do not do it justice, but I think you can see the difference. 😉

Special props to my hubby….look at all that tile work!!

Have you done a major bathroom renovation? What were your lessons learned?

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