Severe Seventies Shag Seeks Serious Renovation: Stairs & Upstairs

Initial Walk Through

I can hear some of you already…. ‘some shag is coming back!’, well, not this kind of shag!

The color of this header is not random by any means…..it is the color of our shag. You guessed it, the classic orange and brown swirl. As we are walking through the house with all of the kids, some of the comments we heard were: ‘This carpet is pretty’, ‘Why is it so squishy?’, and my thought ‘What is growing or living in this carpet?’!

Shag Situation!

Not only was the carpet slightly overwhelming, but the amount of paneling was too. The same paneling that haunted us in the bathroom completely covered the upstairs (not to mention we found left overs in the garage). The son of the owner of the home remembered when the carpet and paneling were installed and how much of an ‘upgrade’ it was back then. Oh how things change!

Thankfully, the sweet elderly lady who owned this home did not have any pets, so there was no overwhelming smells coming from the overly thick carpet.

The Layout

When walking up the stairs, at the very top there is a built in desk area. This was hand built by the husband who had since passed. The bright orange countertop matched the countertops from the kitchen–remember that renovation–click here for a refresher on that HUGE transformation! The desk area is definitely a good use of that bump out space, but just needs some updating. 🙂

Straight ahead from the top of the stairs is a HUGE attic space, that we had thoughts of turning into another bedroom, however the cost would far exceed the value add to the home. Bummer! So we will leave it as storage for all of those Christmas decorations and kids’ clothes. 🙂

Around to the right is a decent sized bedroom boasting the same shag carpet with coordinating orange curtains and more paneling. Major updates are needed in there as well, however bedroom renovations will be in a future post. 🙂

Lastly, a hallway with built in cupboards also covered with….you guessed it…..paneling!! The door leads out to a flat roof. The flat roof is in decent shape, but the outside of that door is not! I do not think it was properly sealed since it is extremely worn and peeling! It will need to be replaced for sure!

The Plan

  • Remove carpet and hope for wood floors
  • Take down all paneling CAREFULLY to preserve walls
  • Deconstruct built in desk
  • Replace door to flat roof
  • Paint ceiling and trim white
  • Paint walls
  • Replace light fixture
  • Paint banister
  • Make the built in a feature of the upstairs!

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