Bedrooms Once ‘Unique’ Turned Chic- Part One

Hello 1970’s Bedrooms!

Each of these bedrooms is unique in its own way–and not in a good way. They all scream 1970! I was not around in the 70’s, but boy have I become familiar with the décor of that decade! This house has 3 bedrooms–two on the main floor and one upstairs. They are not huge by any means, but they are a decent size given the age of the house.

Let’s take a look at these unique bedrooms one by one.

Main Floor Master

The master bedroom was so GREEN—literally!! I have seen this green in so many houses so I finally asked my mom about this color. Apparently, this color is known as ‘celery green’. The previous owner must have loved the color because it was everywhere in this bedroom. The walls, trim, inside and outside the closet and even the carpet! Every square inch was ‘celery green’! All of the floral in the room did help detract from the color, but it was very dark and dingy.


Second Main Floor Bedroom

The second bedroom does not have any celery green in it, but it presents its own problems. It has ‘candy stripe’ carpet, wallpaper (UGH!), and that odd closet that walks into the pantry that goes through to the kitchen. This is definitely a smaller room, but could easily work for a nursery or child’s room.

The one thing this bedroom has going for it is the taller base board trim and that it has all original doors (just like the master). We are hoping for original floors in both this bedroom and the master!! Fingers crossed!!

Upstairs Bedroom

If you read the last post series about the ‘Serious Shag’, you may still be having nightmares with all the orange and brown carpet! Well….the bedroom that is upstairs followed that same color palate…complete with thick orange curtains!

All the paneling will need to come out along with the carpet. Who knows what we will find, but this all has to go. Best part is, we will be able to throw it all off the flat roof right into the dumpster! So no need to try to carry it down and around the corners of the stairwell and through the house. How fun is that!? We again are hoping for some original flooring underneath all the shag to save us some money.

What’s Next?

The one saving grace with bedrooms is that they are usually just cosmetic fixes….flooring and paint. Those two things make a huge difference and really are not that costly.

They can be time consuming, but a little hard work never hurts, right??

Stay tuned to see our progress!


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  1. Hey Amanda! Love the blog name and I adore before and after shots! I’m having a hard time seeing these photos from my desktop though, they are appearing a bit small on my end. Looking forward to checking out your renovations, and just connected with you on insta! Cheers!

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