Free Consult With Subscription

I am willing to do 1 of 2 types of free consult…..that’s right!! FREE!!

  1. Room Consult– Do you have a room that you are absolutely tired of? Not sure what color to paint? Can’t decide what kind of curtains would look good? What furniture should go where? How to make your space unique? Send me a couple of pictures! I would love to help solve your design dilemma!
  2. Organization– Do you have a space that is constantly cluttered? Can’t figure out a way to keep it tidy? I am one of the biggest organization nerds you will find! Again, send me a picture of your disorganized space and what items are in it. I LOVE to organize!

Simply, subscribe to our site and send me an email with your pictures and what you are trying to accomplish. I would LOVE to help!!