Bathroom Blunders- Part 1

The bathroom in house Flip #4 was ok for the precious 90+ year old lady that lived there, but was definitely not going to be a selling point for anyone else. This bathroom had so many issues and was such a nightmare– we are busting it up into multiple blog posts.  It was not the dirtiest bathroom that we have encountered, but possibly one of the most problematic.


I think the curtains say it all for this bathroom: sad and drab! Don’t the curtains look sad and droopy to you? No worries! We plan to remove them along with the blinds and window to install a glass block window instead. 🙂

This bathroom had floor to ceiling wood paneling–even in the shower. There was a handheld shower head attached although I am not sure how water tight the ‘shower’ was with a window covered with blinds and curtains flanked by the wood paneling. We knew all the paneling had to come down. Question was: what was behind the paneling?

The lighting was also extremely dim. There was not a light switch, rather the lights had a turn knob! How convenient is that in the middle of the night!? There was also no vent fan, however is not required since there is a window. We did not see any signs of excessive moisture (peeling paint or mold), but planned to add the fan anyway.

The linoleum flooring pattern is actually something that I feel like is coming back, however, it was that 70’s shade of blue that was just not going to work in the design that I had in mind for this bathroom. Fingers crossed that there would be original floor underneath.

The medicine cabinet, extra wall storage and toilet were all going to go as well. The only item that would remain was the tub. You may be thinking….this is a lot of demo! Why yes, it is! Sadly, I could have no part of it since I was carrying our twins at the time and was about 30 weeks along. It was so hard to watch a majority of the work get done so that I could safely grow our last (and third) set of twins!

Demo Day

Demo day was a success! The wood paneling came off nicely, however, left glue all over the walls. Fixtures were all removed except for the toilet—you can bet this pregnant mama was keeping that toilet as long as possible! AND as you can see, there was original wood floors in there! Under about 1.5 inches of other flooring that did not come up willingly, we found them in great shape!


Look for Bathroom Blunders Part 2 to see some more progress!


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