How Did The Uniquely Unique Bedrooms Turn Out?

Our disastrous bedrooms are finally complete! They all came with their own unique characteristics which posed their own challenges (and we had serious doubts about the ‘dungeon bedroom’), but they turned out fabulous!!

Let’s look back at what it took to get from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’.

Master Bedroom

I know I’ve said it before…bedrooms are not rocket science. Typically, it is cosmetic updates that are needed and maybe some trim. The master bedroom in this house was SO green! Make that celery green! Here is what it took to transform this bedroom:

  • Removed carpet and refinished wood floors
  • Painted ceilings, trim, and inside of closet white
  • Painted the walls a very light gray
  • New light fixture
  • New curtain rods and curtains
  • Simple staging

And like magic……it looks like this!!

Bedroom #2: ‘The Dungeon’

This bedroom I had serious doubts about. We are quite certain that this was the original kitchen before the current one was added on in the 60’s. There were so many layers of wall paper I could not even begin to estimate how long it took to get it all off. Between the kids, myself, and my parents we managed to get it all down only to find cement walls. There was still glue stuck to the walls so we sanded all of them with a power sander to get them smooth. We did have to do some plaster and ceiling repair as well.

Here is a refresher as to what it looked like when we bought it:

…..and in progress…..

Who can get the biggest piece!?
Floor progress!

….and the final product!

  • Removed candy striped carpet and refinished floors
  • Painted ceiling, door, and all trim
  • Painted walls
  • Staging and décor 🙂

Upstairs Bedroom #3

This bedroom was straight out of the 70’s with its orange and brown shag, orange burlap curtains, and light wood colored paneling. There was nothing to save in this room and when we found the paneling wasn’t even attached to real wall–the whole thing came down to the studs.

Here is the before:

The ‘in progress’:

And the ‘after’:

How did we get this bedroom out of the 70’s?

  • Removed paneling
  • Removed carpet
  • New drywall
  • Sand, stain, and seal floors
  • Fresh paint
  • All new trim
  • Staging

Like I said, none of these bedrooms were rocket science. Getting these bedrooms up to date was quite simple in thought. Strip away everything 1970, and bring them back to a classic, timeless look.

I always paint my bedrooms a neutral color–a lot of people do not like to paint or are just not good at it. Having crazy paint colors in a house can turn buyers away because it is not something that they are able to look past. Some of them cannot see how a space will work either which is why I stage. Anything that you can do to take the guess work out of it for potential buyers will always be a win for you.


What are your bedroom make over secrets?

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