Severe Seventies Shag Survives Renovation! Stairs & Hallway Renovation Reveal!

Hallway Renovation

I am not sure why, but every house that we renovate, I just LOVE how the hallway renovation turns out….and this house is no different. The transformation from the initial orange and brown shag that was accompanied by all that paneling to what you will see below is simply amazing!

Did it really take that much to transform this area? Let’s take a look!

Desk Space

If you did not see what the desk space looked like when we bought the house, you can see it in our initial post found here.  There was a built in desk which took the entire bump out area that was bright orange. Alongside the desk and behind the paneling, there was a ‘secret door’ to the attic that was covered up. We left it uncovered and painted it white adding some more character to that space. With all the fresh paint, new trim, restored floors, and some minimal staging, it looks great!

Upstairs Desk Area

Main Hallway Renovation

As you come up the stairs and around the banister, there is just the one bedroom to the left, but then a cool built in and an exterior door leading out to a flat roof. Again, I LOVE how this hallway renovation turned out! The banister got multiple coats of white paint, all new trim, fresh drywall for walls with paint, and a KILLER built in restoration! If you recall, the built in was covered by paneling and blended into the wall. It was not a statement piece at all. Well, we brought the character out and made it the highlight of the upstairs! And yes, a light switch plate was added after this photo was taken. 🙂

Upstairs Hallway

To highlight these built ins even more, my husband made a ship lap wall!

We also put in a new exterior door that has more windows which lets in way more light upstairs.  The floors compliment all of these features perfectly!

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