Bedrooms Once ‘Unique’ Turned Chic- Part 2

If you missed reading Part 1 of this series, click the link here to check it out!

Uniquely, Unique Bedroom #1

Each bedroom has its own reasons why it is unique. They each present us with different challenges–some that did not become apparent until we were done with demolition.

So Bedroom #1–The Master

We removed the celery green carpet to find this:

A beautiful floral linoleum. Our 6 year old loves all of the crazy flooring and wall paper that we find in our houses! As you can see by the crumples in the middle of the picture, we did discover that there are wood floors underneath!! However, by the way it crumpled up, this is going to take a LONG time to uncover. BUMMER!

Because of our time crunch with the twins coming, we decided to hire out the floors to be finished, but we had to have them exposed. By scheduling him, it gave us a deadline to get this done!

Master bedroom floors in progress

This unique bedroom attribute was the floor to ceiling and wall to wall ‘celery green’ as well as the fantastic, floral flooring! Say that three times fast!

Uniquely, Unique Bedroom #2

The second bedroom on the main floor is a nightmare!! It looks like a dungeon in there!! We removed the candy stripe carpet and found more linoleum! UGH! SO many layers of flooring in this house!! I swear we are gaining square footage as the ceilings are now higher because the floor is so much lower! There is also multipleĀ layers of wall paper in this bedroom. With the help of my big kids and parents, all of the layers were removed, however, the walls look terrible!

Who can get the biggest piece!?


The flooring comes up in tiny pieces šŸ™


Floor progress! And the scary walls!

What was unique about this bedroom? Everything! The flooring, wallpaper, and original walls. It looks scary!

Uniquely, Unique Bedroom #3

Oh the upstairs bedroom…..stuck in the 70’s. From the orange and brown shag, to the paneling, to the thick orange curtains, it was interesting! Demo revealed a couple of things: there were no real walls under the paneling–so it had to come down to the studs AND we found a couple old lamps boarded between the walls! Treasure! There was also linoleum and plywood under the carpet, just like downstairs—more layers. UGH! Tim sure got his work out ripping up so many layers of flooring!

Pretty isn’t it?? Almost everything we tore out was thrown off the flat roof toward the dumpster.

It always gets uglier before it gets better!




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