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Fabulous Flip Nearby: How Did We Find Flip #5?

I hear some of you saying, “Flip #5!? Didn’t you just have twins?” Well……………yes and yes. However, when you are in the business of flipping houses and you find something only 1/4 mile from where you live, it is extremely difficult to pass that up!

Getting ‘Known’

Now that we have been flipping houses for a couple years, we have gotten to know more people and word has spread that we flip houses. Why do we make our lives even more chaotic by flipping houses? Simple. We flip for our family. The money that we make goes towards Christian education for our 6 children. Now, walking around town with 6 kids will get you noticed in a hurry. Most commonly people ask us, “Are they all yours??” and “Did you actually have all of them??” When we respond yes to both, then people are extremely intrigued. Why? Because our oldest child is 6.

We then get to often share our story of having 3 sets of twins and one singleton– they still have not figured out why our singleton does not have a twin because everyone has a twin, right? To my kids, twins are what is ‘normal’. Having three sets of twins isn’t such a common occurrence so word spread through my place of employment and quickly to the local news. Here is our story that was featured on our local news channel in case you missed it! We love being a big family!

Finding Flip #5

After selling our last flip and having our third set of twins, we thought it sounded great to take the summer off from flipping to focus more on our family……unless we would find a good deal. Well, we were talking to our neighbors that live diagonally behind us that we were in the market for another flip. Turned out, their uncle had just passed away and their aunt was trying to figure out what to do with the house. Our neighbors were quite certain that it would be a ‘fixer’ and gave me her number. Now, it is kind of awkward to call a complete stranger and basically ask if you can buy their house, but I do quite well with these types of conversations. So one day I called her up, introduced myself, how I got her number, and that I was interested in looking at the house. Best thing about this house… is only 1/4 mile from mine!!

We met the owner there a couple days later and she was the absolute sweetest lady. We walked through the house with our realtor as well so that we could crunch numbers as to value, estimated cost of renovation, and fixed up value. This was an interesting property and would be the most expensive one that we purchased to date. After some negotiations we agreed on a sale price and my realtor took care of the transaction for a minimal fee. We closed just a couple weeks before I went back to work and have had it for approximately two weeks now.

We will be blogging our journey through this house. This will be our best flip ever! All new kitchen, all new baths, restored floors, all new trim, master suite, some ship lap… we have your attention??

This will be a freaking fabulous flip!!!



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  1. YES you definitely have my attention!!! This is so cool!! We flipped a house and will be looking for our next flip immediately after the fixer upper we purchased for ourselves is done and we’re moved in! And I blog all about it too! I can’t wait to follow Flip #5 journey!!

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