Bedroom Renovation Reveal: Which is your favorite transformation of all?

Remember when we asked, “which is the craziest bedroom of all”?? Well….the bedrooms are complete!! It is time for the bedroom renovation reveal! Which will be your favorite transformation of them all?? Cast your vote in the comments below!!

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Sailing in the Master

There is just one bedroom on the main floor that we are turning into a master suite which will be a great selling feature! The smell that was in that room was just as overpowering as the dated décor. I have said it before and I will say it again…..bedrooms do not take a lot of brain power to update. All this room needed was to be stripped down of its decades of updates and made classic.

The wall that you see when walking in the door was floor to ceiling and wall to wall mirrors! All the mirrors together had a picture of a boat etched in the glass. I have never seen anything like it!

etched glass sailboat bedroometched glass sailboat bedroom

In addition to the etched glass, there was various wall paper pealing off and various colors of paint. There was so much going on in this room!! To say that a bedroom renovation was needed was an understatement.

We removed all of the wallpaper in the bedroom to find multiple paint colors, stensils, and lots of holes in the walls. The amount of putty and sanding that was done on these walls was substantial.

etched glass sailboat transformation etched glass sailboat bedroom

The carpet and padding in this room put out the most unique smell—and not a positive one! After removing the carpet and padding, we also sanded the hardwood floors and then painted with Kilz paint to permanently eliminate any remaining odors after sanding.

Then after lots and lots of paint, all new trim, new carpet and reconfiguring an entrance into the bathroom, and a pretty ‘new’ light fixture (that I scored in the box at the restore for $40) we finally have a master bedroom! And yes, I stage all of my houses. 🙂

etched glass sailboat transformation

Purple Birdie Bedroom Renovation

Who remembers the purple birdie carpet from the upstairs bedroom with mirrors on the entire bottom half of the walls? Well, a piece of it was salvaged and is in my basement as part of the kids’ play area since we have concrete floors down there. The rest went in the dumpster with the other 40+ yards of debris.

birdie bedroom before
Purple Birdie Carpet

birdie bedroom before

Under the carpet we found some sort of peel and stick tile that was glued down with commercial adhesive. I literally walked right out of my shoes as did the kids!! That stuff was stuck on there to stay!! We tried so many cleaners and degreasers etc…. it took an eternity just to find these floors!

vinyl flooring in birdie room vinyl flooring in birdie room

Once we removed all the mirrors, shelves, carpet, and peel and stick, there was a whole lot of spackling that went on to fill all of those crazy holes. At this point, the bedroom is finally a blank canvas. A couple coats of fresh paint on the ceiling, closet, trim, doors and walls……so every square inch….then all it takes is flooring.

In the end, we uncovered gorgeous, original wood floors that Tim refinished (how to do it yourself will be step by step in a future post) and they turned out beautiful!

birdie bedroom revealbirdie bedroom reveal

Blue Triangle Patchwork Bedroom Renovation

This bedroom actually won for ‘craziest bedroom of all’ in the voting poll. Although each room received a share of votes as they are all unique in their own way. Well this bedroom earns its name from all of the carpet remnants that were pieced together in order to cover this room’s wood floors.  At least carpet is only put down with tack strip. This carpet was easy to remove and was not sticky in the least.

triangle carpet bedroom before

I would say this room probably took the least amount of work. Similarly as the birdie room across the hall, a couple coats of ceiling, door , and trim paint, along with a couple coats on the walls and refinishing the gorgeous floors and TADA!!!! We have another beautiful bedroom!!
triangle carpet bedroom reveal triangle carpet bedroom reveal

So there you have it!!! All three bedroom renovations complete!! Which is your favorite transformation??


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