Mirrors Mirrors on the Walls, which is the Craziest Bedroom Design of All?

I have mentioned in previous bedroom posts that it does not take a lot of brain power to create a chic bedroom design. I tend to keep my bedrooms a neutral color palette in order to do patterned bedding or curtains. It also allows the buyers to envision their own décor in the room without any clashing colors.

We have yet to buy a house that has any bedrooms updated to the current decade or even this century! On the up side, bedrooms aren’t too much work, and the kids love to ‘demo’ them!

So let’s get to it! Comment at the end with your vote for ‘craziest bedroom design’ of all!

Bedroom Design #1: The Master Bedroom aka ‘Sailboat Room’

This is the only main floor bedroom in this house and is definitely the most ‘lived in’. The man who was living here was in poor health and I believe lived solely on the main floor. The carpet in this room is extremely dirty and stinks like stale urine. The suspense of not knowing what is under the carpet is killing me! Often, we can pull up a corner of the carpet in the bedroom or closet to see if there are wood floors underneath, however, this room we cannot tell. AHH!! We will just have to wait and find out on demo day!

Most of the walls are covered with various prints of wall paper….some hunting themed, some pineapple, and some a simple solid color. My kids absolutely love to take down wall paper. So many of our houses have layers upon layers of wall paper so to them, scraping is like treasure hunting! What ‘pictures’ will we find under these ‘pictures’!? 🙂 You can bet that once we get the big demo done that they will be in there with their scrapers seeing who can get the biggest piece.

Wallpaper Galore!

I hear you asking….why is this the sailboat room?

Well, on the fourth wall, there is no wallpaper…..

There is no paint color…..

Not a speckle of wall is seen…..

It is all mirrors!!

And not just any mirrors–they are etched with a picture of a sailboat. I have never seen anything like it! It is really quite interesting, but will never appeal to any of my buyers so we have to decide how to take it down. Shall we go ‘Chip style’ and throw a hammer at it? Or see what we can get down in one piece? Hmmmm……

Bedroom Design #2: The ‘Birdie Room’

The first bedroom upstairs we coined the ‘birdie room’, The previous owner salvaged this carpet from Hope College when they were going to throw it out. Its bright purple background and swirl of birdies and flowers really appealed to my girls. All of the kids want to keep this carpet and bring it back to our house to put downstairs in their play area since we have concrete floors……we shall see.

Purple Birdie Carpet

We did look under the birdies since it is just rolled overtop of the other floor, and underneath are parquet looking vinyl tile squares. We are hopeful there is wood under the squares, but you never know!

There are also some cool built in drawers that we will paint with the trim and spray paint the hardware black to make it stand out.

Now this room much like the main floor bedroom also has A LOT of mirrors. This bedroom was actually used as a closet by the previous owner so it has clothing rods running the full length of the bedroom as well as mirrors on the bottom half of the walls.

So the same question applies to this room… we have some fun and throw stuff at the mirrors or do we carefully try to remove them. Again…..we shall see!

Bedroom Design #3: Triangle Room

The only ‘mirror-less’ room (if you don’t count the one on the back of the closet door ;))! I recently learned from the previous owner that this carpet was salvaged from Chris Craft company! She had all those different shapes put together to make that bedroom carpet. There is some serious history in this house!

What is best about this bedroom?? We can already see that there are original wood floors underneath the carpet AND without any other flooring in between. BONUS!

This room does not need a whole lot. Basic cleaning and cosmetic work and it will be beautiful!!

Triangle room


So cast your votes!! Which is the craziest bedroom design of all??


8 thoughts on “Mirrors Mirrors on the Walls, which is the Craziest Bedroom Design of All?

  1. Ugh, I have to go with the sail boat room, that glass wall is really dreadful. It is interesting how interior styles change over the years, I wonder what people will think of what we are doing now in 50 years….

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  2. I think the Triangle bedroom is the most crazy. The purple carpet, if cleaned well first, would be a fun carpet in the playroom!! My husband votes for smashing the mirrors. The nurse, over-protective babysitter, thinks that smashing the mirrors with the kids around would be dangerous and possible trouble. However, it would probably be more time efficient to break them, rather than try to save them. (The crafter in me wants to see if they can be save and reused though! 😻)

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