Massive Bedroom Renovation Begins: Serious demo

Who has taken on a massive bedroom renovation?? Probably not many of you. I feel like bedrooms typically need the least amount of thought and energy to update/renovate.

Craziest Bedroom of All?

If you have been following along with Flip#5 posts, you will recall a few weeks back, we revealed all of the before pictures of the bedrooms. We also posed the question, which is the ‘craziest bedroom design’ of them all??


The triangle carpet room!! I don’t honestly know which one I would pick because they all have their own unique features. If you missed the initial post, you can view it here.

In no particular order, here is a reminder of where we are starting from with these three bedrooms:

Triangle room
Purple Birdie Carpet
Sailboat room

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Massive Bedroom Renovation: Operation- Demo

There is so much to tear out of all of these rooms. This will be a massive bedroom renovation and fill quite a bit of our dumpster!

The triangle room has to have the carpet pulled out, shelves removed, and all other random hardware from the walls removed. Putty will then be my best friend for a part of a day. The light will be changed out as well, but that has to stay for a bit. 😉 We will then paint, refinish the wood floors, and 1/4 round base trim to finish it off.

The purple birdie room is slightly more tricky. The carpet is actually not even glued to the floor in any way, however, the vinyl sticky tile beneath it is. And it was stuck down to STAY! This is going to take a lot of elbow grease to remove. There is also a sweet built in 3 drawer area around to the right that we will refinish. All of the clothes racks and mirrors will need to come down to again make this a bedroom and not a huge closet as it was used for previously. Taking these shelves down will leave massive holes in the walls. Again, putty will be my best friend so that we can put up a fresh coat of paint. We are hopeful that these floors will be able to be refinished like the triangle room so that we have uniform wood floors throughout the upstairs.

The sailboat room has so many layers of different décor on the walls that will take a bit of time to remove. There is the huge wall of mirrors with the etched sailboat in it that will need to come down. The other 3 walls have multiple layers of wallpaper all in varying patterns and thicknesses. We decided to remove the mirrors carefully vs throwing a hammer at them (sorry for those who were hoping for crazy videos—we went the safer route). It was HOT the day we worked in this room! As you can see in the picture though, the wall paper came off in chunks rather than pieces! The kids had a blast with it!

Progress in our massive bedroom renovation….

Who doesn’t love demo!? Friends and family usually don’t mind coming over to lend a couple hours and destroy some stuff too. Who cares if you are destroying someone else’s house, right?

Birdie Room

Well, in the birdie room, it was easy to roll up the carpet to uncover this:

I hear you saying…no big deal…just get out your long scraper and peel those babies up! HA! These things are STUCK down with industrialized commercial glue of some sort. We have tried everything and are now onto some nasty chemicals. This has become a stinky mask operation. 🙁

This chemical adhesive remover seriously smells like cadaver lab from nursing school!! BLEH!

Only Amanda’s blood was shed in removing all of the mirrors which were just clipped to the wall. The racks are down and spackle will be the next to do. Getting the floors up would be great because you literally walk out of your shoes in there.

Oh and we are IN LOVE with the closet light!

Triangle Room

No surprises in here. The carpet has been removed and the floors look to be in great shape. We can only hope the same is true in the other bedroom. Huge bolts no longer are sticking out of the walls and the spackle will be abundant in here as well. This will be by far the easiest room to get together. There is not a whole lot of change other than the carpet being gone so we forgot a picture. #sleepdeprivedflipperproblem

Sailboat Room

The demo in this bedroom seems somewhat endless. My mom and I removed each little square of etched glass without any blood shed. Of course, the little square adhesive goobers did not come off the wall with the mirrors and are not scraping off either. UGH!

The carpet stinks of stale urine all the way through the backer. Even with this bedroom in the back of the house, the smell is overpowering through much of the hallway the length of the house. There are wood floors underneath, but they are different than the floors in the hallway. There are SO MANY varieties of flooring, this will take some serious thought as to what we will do with all of it.

Beneath all of the layers of wall paper, the walls are different colors everywhere you look. One wall even has some stencil work on it! QUACK!

What do you think of our massive bedroom renovation progress? Is there hope?

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