Major Bathroom Renovation Begins: Part One

Who has done a major bathroom renovation?? If you haven’t and your bathroom is in need, roll those sleeves up and dig in. I have said it before, kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes. However, these seem to be the last rooms that people touch. UGH. Almost every house I have walked through, the only word I ever say in the bathroom is ‘gut’.

We have not gotten away with not doing all the bathrooms in our houses from top to bottom….and guess what…this house again is no different. UGH! The layout of the bathroom is honky as it was rearranged by the previous owner.

Let the Major Bathroom Renovation Begin!

What we are starting from:

If you read our previous post, you saw the honky layout and the host of issues that are in this room alone.

From the previous post, what jumps out at you first? The layout? The wood grain toilet seat? The dark and dingy shower? It is difficult to see, but there is thick purple textured wallpaper as well. So many things to pick from!

Plumbing Problems

During our house inspection, the plumbing problems continued to grow. We turned the handle on to test the hot water in the shower to test the hot water heater….well we had hot water, but the knob was jammed in the on position. Quick fix: turn the hot water heater off. Oy.

My inspector and husband then went in the crawl space to look at the plumbing beneath the floor. Well, there was nothing good down there. The tub drain did not really hook to anything so when we turned the water on full blast the water just dumped down into the crawl space! Gross and NOT GOOD!

The vanity and sink works fine, however, it is too small for this bathroom. It has almost no counter space so the plan is to rip that out.

You know what that means……

Demo Day #1 (and a few more)

How do you begin any major bathroom renovation?? Why with a 15# sledge, what else!? This entire bathroom as well as the empty room next to it both need to be taken down to the studs. This will not be a quick demo as there are many doorways and layers of tile, wallpaper, and plaster that will all need to come down. Here is a progress picture of the demolition work with still more to go…

Many of the studs are rotted because there was moisture trapped behind there from when the shower was moved to it’s current location so it is all coming down. One mess is leading to two more messes. Demo days are turning into demo weeks. Since we already filled our first dumpster from the kitchen and upstairs demolition, we had to set all of this debris to the garage… to moving crap twice!!

Once we have everything cleared out, it is time to start redesigning this bathroom which means we need to decide where that crazy shower is going!! 



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