Kitchen Turns Catastrophic: Planning for Demo Day #1

It is no secret that having an updated kitchen and bathroom increase the value of your home. However, every single house we have purchased….these rooms are the WORST!

What Did We Buy?

Flip #5 is by far our biggest project to date. This is the first time that we have completely gutted multiple rooms in order to improve flow and function.

Here is where the kitchen is starting off…..what stands out to you?

#1 Confused Cabinetry

If you look at all four pictures above closely, you will notice there are 3 different kinds of cabinets in this kitchen. It was pieced together and some were added/updated at different times. The center tall cabinet between the fridge and stove is actually setting on a plastic milk crate. The wood and styles are all completely different and none of them are great quality. At some point, the long wall of cabinets was painted red. In order to get top dollar, we will need to get rid of all of them and put in new.

We have never taken out an entire set of cabinets because in prior houses they were in good shape and could be painted. On many home improvement shows people are shown swinging sledge hammers at cabinets and not even making a dent. Cabinets from 50+ years ago were built to last!! Fingers crossed that ours come down willingly!

#2 Drop Ceiling

I will never be a fan of drop ceilings. Why would you want to make your ceiling lower?? In some basements it makes sense due to duct work, pipes, etc, but on the main floor? And then to have a ceiling fan hanging down as well?! It is not as low as some fixtures we have seen because I can actually walk under it, but I don’t think any of my brothers would fit under there!

Drop ceilings make any space feel more closed in. We always take drop ceilings down whenever possible!

#3 Ceramic Tile Countertops

Maybe I am just a huge germophobe being that I work in healthcare, but having tile/grout for countertops is extremely difficult to keep clean. Can you imagine all of the potential bacteria that could grow in there? The countertops and back splash are all done in a light blue, tiny square ceramic tile. Even the two peninsulas have this tile as well. Odd thing is, the peninsula counters are off set. The one on the left hangs over farther into the dining room while the one on the right hangs farther back into the kitchen. Neither of them make sense and are closing off the flow from the kitchen to the dining room so they will need to go!

#4 Flooring

The flooring is not terrible, but the overall flow of the house is a nightmare. When standing in one particular spot, there are actually¬†7 different types of floor visible!¬†This is the exact opposite of what buyers want in today’s market. Most want an open concept home that flows all together—7 variations of flooring is not going to achieve that. :/

We will rip up lots of flooring and see what we’ve got. We are of course hoping for original wood floor throughout, but I am doubtful.

#5 Barn Wood Beam

The seller told us that years back, they wanted a more open feel from the kitchen to the dining room, so the man who lived there used some old barn wood as beams to create a bigger opening. Well….it does not appear those beams are supporting the ceiling and second floor above it. From the picture it is difficult to see, but the top cross beam is actually sagging and quite bowed. The side beams do not go to the floor so are most likely not carrying the load.

We anticipate having to build a sizable header as well as jacking up the middle of the ceiling back level before nailing it up. Jacking up a beam will be a first for us, but we are always up for learning something new.

#6 Appliances

Much like the cabinets, the appliances are all mismatched. They are all different brands and different finishes. None of them are even close to new, so they will have to go as well.

So what is Step 1 to getting an updated kitchen?!?!? Get rid of everything!!


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