What Kind of Bathroom Layout Do You Prefer?

After the kitchen catastrophe and crazy bedroom designs, are any of you wondering what the bathroom layout looks like??

Well, you have arrived at the right post! And boy is this bathroom a doozy!’

Layout Woes

This is a decent size bathroom, however, the flow does not make a whole lot of sense. In speaking with the previous owner, they had changed the bathroom layout in hopes of making it more usable. The most significant change was that the shower used to be along the back wall, underthe window….because what old house doesn’t have a window in the shower!? I guess pre-1960, there was not much concern of privacy. LOL!

Here is the bathroom as we are buying it:

It is a decent size, but does not make sense how it is currently laid out. There is a tiny vanity with very little counter space which is not great for being the only bathroom. There is a tiny nook in the far right corner with cupboards, but is really wasted space. The only benefit of having moved the shower over to the side wall is that the window is no longer in the shower….so no more neighbors waving at you when you are in the shower. 🙂

Grimy Shower

The shower itself–not so pretty. It is quite dirty and we do not plan to salvage it. The ceiling is dropped within the shower and I am suspicious that the shower fan is ‘vented’ between the ceilings based on water lines and cracking in the plaster. PSA: Venting into a closed space doesn’t do anything good for your bathroom and isn’t actually ‘venting’ anything. This shower will require only one thing….a sledge!

Plumbing Problems

As we walk through this house, it is easy to see that the updates that were done were not done by professionals. By no means am I calling myself a professional, but you have to know when you are in over your head and need to hire someone. In today’s modern world of technology, homeowners quickly go to YouTube as their first stop when unsure how to fix something. Now I am not saying that is a terrible idea, but if what you are doing could potentially explode, burn your house down, electrocute you, or cause other serious harm, it might be better to hire a professional.

In this case, when we were down in the crawl space with our inspector, the plumbing was scary to say the least. When I turned the tub water on, the drain basically just dumped into the crawl space. When we saw the water pouring straight into the crawl space, the immediate action was to turn it off. Well…..easier said than done. The hot water faucet was jammed on. None of us could turn the hot water off. Oy. Add that to the plumbing list. For now, the hot water heater is off and it is down to a slow drip. Haven’t even gained possession and am breaking more things. WHOOPS!

One Last Look….

What is the one item in the picture that we have not discussed? Let’s look again….

The one last fixture…..the throne…..the jon…..the crapper…..the potty. Now, who does not love a wood grain toilet seat?? Um, ME! I dare say I am a complete germaphobe, but seriously, can you imagine what can be growing on that seat?!? Not to mention the entire toilet is leaning backwards. Who wouldn’t love a recliner toilet!? LOL. Thank goodness we do not live far away in case of a potty emergency! I cannot wait to get a brand new, white, glimmering toilet.

Finishing Touches

What you cannot see from this picture is the multiple layers of wallpaper. The outermost layer is not only on the walls, but extends up onto the ceiling by about a 1/2 inch. Due to the lack of venting, the edges all look fairly loose and I am oh so hopeful that it will peel off in ginormous sheets instead of quarter size pieces. Never know though, the layers underneath might be glued on to stay! Wall paper removal is a tedious job….thankfully our kids LOVE it!


What are you hoping to see us do with this bathroom?


5 thoughts on “What Kind of Bathroom Layout Do You Prefer?

    1. Thanks, Joan! The first step will involve a lot of work with the sledge. I have some ideas on how to change things around, so we shall see. Thanks for commenting!

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  1. Oh wow!!! That is a tight layout. I know windows in showers aren’t ideal, but I’d move the shower back under the window and do privacy glass or something. I can’t wait to see what you do!!

    We just re-enlarged our downstairs bathroom by taking out the second closet a previous homeowner had added to an adjacent bedroom!

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