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‘Birthday House’

We had just finished our previous farmhouse and closing was set. There really was not much on the market in terms of ‘flip potential’, so being that we were expecting twins, we thought we would maybe just take a break for a while.

Well that quickly changed as we both had the itch to maybe ‘squeak out another’ before the twins were born. Tim jokingly said to me one day, “You should get me a house for my birthday”.

Well we knew of a house that was empty and Tim knew the son of the owner through some work connections. One thing led to another, and we suddenly found ourselves walking through it as a potential buy.

The house was built in the early 1900’s and was moved from Graafschap to its current location. The sweet lady we bought it from lived there 65 years! Overall, it was in good shape, but needed major updating as well as some bigger electrical and plumbing upgrades. We sat down and estimated how much we thought it would take to fix it up and put together an offer. The house was never put on the market… we bought it directly and our realtor did the paperwork for a small fee.

What came next? Scheduling closing. Wife of the year goes to……………! We were able to schedule closing ON Tim’s birthday. You betcha I put that house key in Tim’s birthday card. ๐Ÿ™‚

We are on a tight timeline as the twins are due May 27th!!

Next post will contain all the ‘before pictures’!

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