Beautiful Bathroom Reveal: Which Layout Did We Pick??

The bathroom in this house came with a host of problems. ‘Beautiful bathroom’ are not the words that came to mind when we stepped inside. To the naked eye, it only looked outdated that it just needed some cosmetic updates. Well, the plot thickened.

Inspection Day

The inspector that looked at this house for us prefers that we walk through with him so that he can teach us as we go as to what problems he is seeing. It came time to check the plumbing from the crawl space and it was NOT good! When the previous owner switched the bathroom layout around, he did not hook the shower drain to anything. The water that was running was basically dumping right into the crawl space. So what do you do next?? TURN IT OFF!! Easier said than done…the hot water knob was stuck in the ON position regardless of who turned it. Plan B: turn off the hot water heater/water supply to the tub. UGH.

Most of the pipes were old and not in great shape……cha ching.

The cosmetic update ended up being a complete overhaul.

Here is where we started…..wood grain toilet seat and all! Beautiful bathroom, right?? 😉

Demolition and Planning a Layout

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Ah ‘demo day’… turned ‘demo weeks’. Layer after layer of nastiness removed. Thick layers of wall paper, a cabinet from behind the shower wall, the entire shower, the tile floor all removed. The shower was not properly installed and never sealed so the drywall behind it was nasty and crumbling.  NEVER.ENDING.DEMO.


Now that we have it this destroyed….might as well re think the layout to get the most out of the space. All of the posts and ceiling supports had to be replaced as well so we were going to be starting from scratch.

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Layout Planning

When planning for your beautiful bathroom dream layout….do it with your plumber! It is super helpful to know the ‘standard’ dimensions of showers, vanities, and space needed for the toilet. I REALLY wanted to get a double sink in the bathroom that we were making private in order to have a master suite. Well, with the original size of the bathroom, that was not going to happen how we wanted. So given the state of the bathroom as you see it above, why not move the wall over to gain more space? The hallway was excessively wide and the bathrooms were too narrow. Might as well create more work…right? Guess we need to buy a framing nailer….and learn how to frame. LOL! 😀


Framing these walls were trickier than we thought. We did not have one continuous wall to measure from to make the hallway straight–we only had the exterior wall….115 or so inches away.

Anyone have any guesses what the next problem was?? The exterior wall was not straight. UGH! There was a two inch difference in hallway width from one end to the other. Let’s not frame a tunnel people. So we ended up measuring from the left side of the hall wall as much as we could.

P.S. Using a framing nailer is AWESOME!

By moving this wall, we gained about 15 inches in width to accommodate nicer vanities. 🙂


When we moved the wall over, we made the flooring situation that much more complicated. We had crappy subfloor, missing subfloor, and now hallway wood floor. Oy. It all came out and we ended up laying new subfloor and a waterproof laminate flooring. Should the future buyers ever replace the bathroom floor, they will see all of the drawings, scribbles, and names of the VH Homes crew. 🙂

SOOOOOO…… How Did it Turn Out!?!?!?

These bathrooms were a P.I.T.A.!!

But here they are!!

Master Bath

Everything had to shift in here to accommodate a double vanity as well as make it a private master bath. The old doorway we sealed off from the hallway in order to make it a private master bath. We framed in the new door where the toilet was and flipped that to the opposite wall. By moving the toilet, gaining the 15 inches from moving the wall, and framing the door to the far right, we created enough room for a 60″ vanity! WOOT!

We scooched the shower over to the outer wall and build a new wall for all the plumbing. Everything in here is BRAND NEW. Fresh gray paint, new flooring (as seen above), all new fixtures (did you notice the awesome lights?!) and all new trim= ONE HOT BATHROOM!

Full Bath

This room changed function multiple times according to the previous owner. It was once used as a laundry room, but then an ‘extra room’ with access to the crawl space. Being that we sealed off the once full bath into a master bath, we made this room a full bathroom for the rest of the house.

The layout in this bathroom had to be slightly different because it is slightly narrower. We ended up putting the bathtub/shower on the same wall as the vanity and the toilet by the window. I know….not great for privacy, but good for ventilation! 😉

Both of the vanities have dark gray bases with marble tops and soft close drawers. SO pretty!

The laundry area we put just on the other side of the wall into a closet space as a stackable unit.


Two beautiful bathroom renovations!! What do you think?? Ready to tackle your bathroom??


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